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About Us

Tim Oliver

From an early age Tim knew that he enjoyed the outdoors and everything nature represents. When he was offered his first job at a tree service he jumped on the opportunity to learn more about his passion for trees, how to care for them and how to diagnose them. Over 27 years later, Tim has extensive knowledge of trees from the east coast to the west coast.


Tim’s Tree and Stump Removal

In 2005 Tim’s Tree and Stump Removal was created, later becoming Tim’s Tree and Stump Removal, Inc. We are a small but growing business built on Tim’s wealth of experience and knowledge. Our size allows us to pass the value along to our customers while providing the highest quality work and expertise. We serve both residential and commercial customers.

What we value

We value honesty, integrity and loyalty. Our company values have helped us foster strong and lasting relationships with our existing customers while also building relationships with new customers.

Tim regularly consults with our customers to help them make the right decision regarding what is best for their trees: from stump removals, tree removals and trimming to the laws and permits required in the state of Oregon.

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